sexual problems, panic, anxiety, and sex therapy
New York City psychologist Dr. Mike Abrams conducts couples counseling as a NYC PSYCHOLOGIST. His role as a psychologist NYC includes helping people in New York City with sexual problems, panic, anxiety, and sex therapy. This is some of the many functions he performs among psychologists NYC and psychotherapists nyc.
New York City psychologist Dr. Mike Abrams

Dr. Mike Abrams is a psychologist licensed in New York & New Jersey and has practiced psychotherapy for more than twenty five years. He is a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology, he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, and he is a Supervisor, Fellow and Diplomate of the Albert Ellis Institute.

The linchpin of his approach is avoidance of moral judgments and the striving to understand all problems from the client's point of view. He does all he can to help each client irrespective of his or her problem or background. Dr. Abrams rejects the unsupported conjecture of unconscious transference and, therefore, accepts all client actions, emotions, and communications as real and legitimate. He understands that each individual has developed his or her own unique construction of the world, that must be understood and appreciated before any psychotherapeutic intervention can be developed. Importantly, when a person is anxious, despondent, or otherwise feeling or behaving in a non-optimal way it is because the person's construction of the world is not allowing the individual function optimally. Thus, he will help you find those aspects of your world-view, your personal philosophy, or your beliefs that have become the source of your distress, fear, or despair. Working together with you he will help change those constructions that are keeping you from reaching your personal best.

Dr. Abrams has extensive experience working with individuals and couples with mood problems (depressive or bipolar), anxiety disorders, social conflicts and sexual problems. In fact, he has extensively researched and published in the field of sexuality. His experience also includes years of work with people in crisis. He has helped people with such stressors as criminal charges, job loss, and the death of a loved one. His experience also includes helping both men and women who had been sexually victimized or abused in other ways.

Prior to his professional work in psychology he earned an MBA from the Stern School of NYU and worked in such organizations and Merrill Lynch, Citi, and the New York Stock Exchange among others. This experience uniquely qualifies him to provide career counseling and life coaching.

His years of volunteer work include his being among the first psychologists to work pro-bono with people with AIDS in the mid-1980’s. In addition, he has received commendations from the New Jersey Governor, the Hudson County Executive and the Jersey City Mayor for his work with the impoverished. He is currently on the faculty of the masters program in psychology at New York University.  You read more about him in the Psychology Wikipedia